officiant and lector

JD Ohlinger and Colleen McGrory

Seven benedictions

Blessed is the wonder of creation, the earth, the provider of all things. May you be inspired each day by the abundance of the natural world, by science and technology, as well as art, music, literature, and creative expression.

Blessed is the essence of humankind. People have the capacity for love and friendship, generosity, kindness and compassion. May you express these qualities freely and be blessed to receive them throughout your lives.

Blessed is the design of humankind. The diversity of humanity is remarkable: out of the same basic shape, infinite variations. May you find comfort in the similarities shared by all of the world’s cultures and celebrate the qualities which make us different.

Blessed is the joy of this gathering. Despite its blessings, we live in a broken world. May you be blessed to live in a world where the there is food for those who are hungry, homes for those who are homeless, freedom for those who are oppressed, and peace and equality for all.

Blessed is the joy of lovers. Today we celebrate with this couple as they freely unite in marriage. May you live in a world where this freedom is extended to all couples, allowing anyone to marry without judgment, impediment, or persecution.

Blessed is the joy of gladness and celebration. As this ceremony ends, let us wish good luck for this couple and make this wish for ourselves and our loved ones: May every day be full of happiness, love, friendship, harmony, laughter and rejoicing.

Blessed is the human capacity for joy. May you find something to celebrate every day of your life, and may your cup runneth over.